Find your purpose. 

Everyone deserves freedom from emotional and mental roadblocks. Let me join you on a journey where I teach you to cultivate the tools necessary to identify and overcome barriers such as self-doubt and self-sabotage resulting from past trauma.
I would be honored to be the one who coaches, counsels,
and enlightens you through that transformation. 

About me
My name is Ashlie Zwilling. I am a certified life purpose coach with years of training in trauma-informed care from working with domestic violence victims and trauma counseling youth as a crisis intervention case worker. I use a spiritual approach to guide and counsel individuals through the barriers they are experiencing due to past trauma in their life. I support individuals through the "why" of their trauma response to life's challenges and help to empower and transform negative-self talk to positive.

One-on-one services

Our first consultation is free. After that, if you believe I am the ideal fit for you for one-on-one coaching and counseling services, we can sit down and discuss payment plans and duration of services. Duration and frequency of sessions depends on the needs of the client.


I offer a 10 session weekly workshop online where clients can discuss as a group: Childhood experiences, barriers to self-worthiness, and ways to overcome those barriers to effectively achieve goals. Email for more information and to be notified when the next class begins!!


Twice a year, clients can sign up to attend a 3 day retreat where we discuss goal setting, positive self-talk, and ways to get out of your own way! More information to come regarding date and location. Email or follow on social media for more information as it comes.

  • Olney, Illinois, United States